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     TEGO de la 90 ron/placa cofraj calitate premium


  • Galvanized Props U-Head.Capete pentru popi


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  Panou placaj



Cofraj PereteThis formwork are ideal for the walls and pillars.

It is fast and easy to use and it is the ceap version of the metallic formwork but the quality of the concrete in the finnal is the same.

It is light and you don't need the crane to manipulate it.
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Cofraj metalic compus din panouri si grinzi metalice fixe si extensibile ce permit decofrarea fara a inlatura popii.

Cofraj MetalicCofraj Metalic

Cofraje pentru stalpiThis formwork is the best choice for make your pillars to birth verry fast.

You can make any dimension of the pillars.



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Sistem complet de cofrare pentru planseu compus din:

*placaj tego 18mm grosime,Cofraj Trditional

*grinda H20 pe doua directii,

*capete popi zincate,

*popi zincati,

*trepiede pentru montaj.

 - acest tip de cofraj nu necesita completari cu lemn sau alte materiale.


Cofraje tijaTie rod with nuts used on basements,concrete beams and walls.


Formwork Shuttering Panel With Phenolyc Film

film faced plywood with 13-15 layers, WBP glue, poplar core, very resistant

to humidity and concrete actions, perfect choice for smooth face concrete.

the phenolic film has density 240g/sqm.

sealed edges

Grinda H20Formwork H20 Beam


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